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Re: [F_minor] Alicia de Larrocha's passing 9-25-09

Title: Re: [F_minor] Alicia de Larrocha's passing 9-25-09
Even more apropos, on Saturday, 9/26, the day after GG's birthday, Barbra Streisand performed at the famous Greenwich Village jazz club (97 seats), the Village Vanguard.  It was the first time she'd performed there, in such a venue, since 1961.

The NYTimes has a nice piece on her, that refers to GG being a self-confessed "Streisand freak" (from his review of her 1976 album "Classical Barbra"), and talks with her about her approach to making music.

"Streisand's Fine Instrument and Classic Instinct"
"The Village Vanguard Set List"

(There's a few other articles there as well, about the sociology of the performance.  All the seats were free, distributed by lottery, so some people who never would have had a chance to see her, did.)

Now, if only Petula Clark had sat in on the set and sang with Barbra, it truly could have been a GG birthday party...

At 9:54 AM -0500 9/28/09, Kpapademas wrote:
FYI: In case you have not heard:
The passing of pianist Alicia de Larrocha on Friday, September 25, 2009
(GG's birthday anniversary).
Clips showing Madame Alicia with Dudley Moore