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Re: [F_minor] Kingwell Biography?

Title: Re: [F_minor] Kingwell Biography?
Curiously, this otherwise nice article, dated 9/26, chooses to mark the day as "the day before his stroke" rather than "the day after his birthday".  (I'll presume this is the journalist, not Kingwell.)

Kingwell's take on Gould looks like it might be interesting, not because of the comparison in the lede to Michael Jackson (50 year old performers with prescription drug problems) but because Kingwell describes as his favorite Gould album the recording of Byrd and Gibbons.

I've added the Kingwell book to the Wikipedia Glenn Gould article's "books" section.  The Wikipedia entry on Kingwell may also be of interest.



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Read this review Jason: might help you decide
Regards on the Day After Glenn Gould's Birthday

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1. Kingwell Biography.
Has anyone picked up the new Gould biography by Mark Kingwell? It seems a pretty ballsy enterprise just a few years after the Bazzana work. That said, Kingwell always has interesting things to say - is it worth investing in post-Atlantic postage?
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