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[F_minor] Glenn Gould and Tape Recorders


I work for The Glenn Gould Foundation here in Toronto and thought I'd reply briefly to the question about the recording devices used in the Solitude Trilogy.  Having just spoken with Lorne Tulk, who worked with Glenn on the project, he told me that the 3 programs were done in three separate sessions over the course of several years.  The sessions were held in various locations across Canada.  The Idea of North, or "North" as they called it, was recorded in the CBC studios in Toronto and Ottawa (Wally Maclean was done out West, Lorne thinks).  The Latecomers was done primarily in St. John's Newfoundland and The Quiet in the Land was done mostly in the Winnipeg area.  Apparently Glenn traveled to these places, using the local facilities/talent.  I believe there is the same info in the CD liner notes.  


Penny Johnson