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Re: [F_minor] Re: Voyager sound track

Thanks for this Mary Ellen, but there was just a slight error in the URL.?Here is the link:
You just left off the www part...you were rushing to get back to the 3rd, which I don't blame you!
Thanks for the link.

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 7:20 PM, maryellen jensen <maryellenjensen28@hotmail.com> wrote:
Imagine this: lunar chip strokes on film
but still no cure for the common cold.
?You like great sci-fi radio plays? If so then
beam yourself here:
? http://davidszondy.c

?The entire site is wonderful, all of the "time capsules"
and their contents are listed...

?I've asked before: Anyone know if Mr. Gould ever
went on the record re. his recording being sent out
on The Golden Record? I've never seen an interview
with him on that subject, anyone know if there is one?

?I'm listening/watching the old CBC film of GG
performing Beethoven's "Emperor" with the Toronto
Symphony Orchestra on t.v. thanks to the "Mezzo"
channel here in Europe. Beats youtube hands down.
Hey CBC! Where's "The Collection" already??
Here comes the third movement and I'm off with it.

Mary Jensen ?

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