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Re: [F_minor] Fogelsong Is Back (still a happy customer)

--- On Tue, 5/26/09, Kpapademas <kpapademas@aol.com> wrote:
I think that is the Zenph recording of GG's 1955 Goldberg Variations. (see http://www.zenph.com/). Zenph is also part of "The Bach Project".
Oh. that horrible Zenph thing.  I can never resist stepping into the discussion when this comes up.  I would guess that Gould would have cackled at the ability of a computer to do what it does in this instance, but a) in 1980-81 he said he no longer related to the spirit behind this performance, and would have therefore found it artistically pointless, and b)  although I think it was a "Yamaha voiced to sound like a Steinway" (righto-- then why aren't we all doing that to our pianos, and putting Steinway out of business??), it really sounded more like a garden-variety Kawaii interred in a resonant tomb, shrouding the piano in a sort of blur that was highly different that Gould's aesthetic of recording (clarity, clarity, and more clarity); also, that acoustic haze would have been handy to mask imperfections in the "re-performance."  Not that I've cared enough to analyze the binaural mix at the end of the cd...