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Re: [F_minor] New Gould recording found?- Beethoven 2nd pc in Sthlm1958

I have one of those.
BIS record company (BIS CD 323-324),

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Subject: Re: [F_minor] New Gould recording found?- Beethoven 2nd pc in Sthlm 1958

Dear all,
        a recording of Glenn Gould's 1958 concerts and radio broadcasts in Stockolm has been published years ago by BIS record company (BIS CD 323-324), altough I guess it is no more available.
The 2 CDs also contain very interesting interpretations of Beethoven's opus 110 sonata, Mozart's Piano concerto KV491 (again with George Ludwig Jochum conducting), Haydn's piano sonata n 49, and Berg's piano sonata n 1.   G.L. Jochums (a brother of the better-known Eugene Jochum) conducting is of very good standing.
Best wishes20to everybody


Dear Friends,
Yesterday Swedish Radio broadcast Glenn Gould playing Beethoven's 2nd piano concerto played in September or October 1958 in Stockholm with the Swedish Radio Orchestra conducted by Georg Ludwig Jochum.
is the page where it is presented.
It can be downloaded at 96kb/s at
Right-click and save as.
If that doesn't work try the page
and right click on the item
P2Ark Beethoven, pianokonsert nr 2 Å
It is in Swedish.
I don't think this has been easily available before. The slow movement particularly is beautiful.

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