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[F_minor] Gould / Les Triplettes de Belleville / Markus Mantere

 There's a slight correction to be made to Aaron Levere's message on Gould's "appearance"
in "Les Triplettes de Belleville". It takes place, he's featured, but NOT
playing in a Paris nightclub. Grandma Souza and her grandson 'Champion'
are watching a variety show (Swinging Belleville Rendez-vous) at home on tv when the
transmission gets cut off and then the old RTBF tv clock comes on the screen and
then Glenn Gould comes on.  His performance of Prelude 2 in C Minor

from Bach WTC is "filmed" in what looks like the 30th Street Studios
in NYC: Gould, chair, piano, mike, clock on the wall, large overhead
lights in a large hall, a few empty chairs around. The piano he's playing
on, cross-legged and cross-handed, is an "S. Durands". Is that an allusion
to Durand the music publisher or Durand the pianist? Anyone know? The film is
not to be missed, it's wicked and gorgeous and just about everyone and their uncle
involved in music and performance and our culture is either given a nod or skewered.

 Markus, have a listen to this, it's called "Good As Gould", performed by "The Invaders"
at The Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco, 2008, track no. 4 (scroll down just a little):


 It might make an addition to your research. Get yourself an interview with pianist Mitch Marcus.

Mary Jensen

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