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Re: [F_minor] GG and Technology

From the GG Foundation - read:


The article doesn't really say anything new, anything that wasn't said 20 years ago or more. Technology continues to advance; Gould continues to be deceased; Gould's recordings continue to be popular. Who would dispute any of that?

Gould's article about his pseudo-scientific experiment (fooling people with splice identifications) was published as long ago as 1975.

Maybe I'm jaundiced by reading the book _It's not news, it's Fark_ : but it points out exactly this type of article-recycling. Clip some old piece, change about two paragraphs, make it say 45 years since Gould's retirement instead of 25 or 35, and voila: instant feature article that isn't news.

Want a Gould event that is arguably news? Naxos has released a remastered version of Gould's 1956 recording of Beethoven 30-32.
They've also done the 1955 Goldbergs.
The same performances have been (of course) available in other issues by both Sony and Columbia for many years. Naxos is just going through things that are now 50 or more years old, and therefore out of copyright control in some countries....

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