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RE: [F_minor] Michael Stegemann's "Glenn Gould Trilogy"


Hi List,

It took a while to find, but I finally came across an online store that has
English samples instead of German of the Glenn Gould Trilogy. My set just
came in the mail this weekend and I'm very happy with it. Thanks for
bringing it up weeks ago. Nice addition to my collection.

The little samples here don't do justice with the way the programs draw you
in, and in fact can make it appear that the recording is a confusing jumble,
which it isn't. Nor do they do much to reveal all the spatial audio
fanciness going on that makes this set so rewarding to listen to with
headphones, but I think you can get a taste of what they are about by
listening to the France Amazon site. Don't hesitate to purchase if the
samples intrigue you because the full recording is like this but much
better.  Cleary the producers have used Gould's own radio documentaries as a
partial inspiration and touchstone for this set. If you liked those shows I
can't imagine you not liking this. 

Oh, I should add that there's a lot of light humor to this recording, which
I love. Probably the funniest thing I've heard/seen on Gould since the
fabulous film 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould. That film is the closet
equivalent I can think of to this radio production, both of which, of
course, have their serious as well as humorous passages.


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