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Re: [F_minor] Under thirty crowd?

Hi Miranda & All,

I'm a newcomer to F_minor myself, and as you guessed, a bit older than
you.  But that's the beauty of Glenn -- he is timeless and ageless,
and appeals to a deeper humanity than years can bring.  I personally
am SOO encouraged by the fact that the under-30's of the world are
even hearing, let alone appreciating, GG!  As far as expressing your
opinions, I am sure that I am "naive and unintelligent" in trying to
articulate what is essentially beyond articulation, even though I've
played a couple of instruments and studied a bit of music, and have
dabbled in the arts for a long time.  Mostly I think I just hear well,
and still there is always more to hear.  I would love to hear from you
a fresh idea, a different take, a "younger" perspective if you will.
I heard someone say on one of the many documentaries I've seen on
Glenn, that he himself "hated pianistic talk."  The speaker said he
thought GG was "afraid" of analysis of technique, etc., because he
really didn't know how he was able to do what he did, and if he
started to analyze he might lose it somehow.  So my advice is to just
open your ears and allow your curiosity to lead you to the next book
or film or YouTube video, or whatever.  It got you here, didn't it?
Oh, and express yourself any time!  If someone finds you naive or just
plain wrong, so what?  There'll always be someone else who finds you
refreshing.  And if you really are wrong about some fact, what better
place to get corrected?  My impression of the List is that they (we)
are mostly kind and grateful that we've found others who share our
passion for Glenn.  Welcome.

Anne French

On Tue, Dec 9, 2008 at 1:02 PM, Miranda Carnessale
<mapleleafm@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I started subscribing to this mailing list a few years back because as a young Glenn Gould fan with an amateur music background and no real friends who have the same passion for Gould or even classical music in general, I wanted to be part of a group who could at least in writing pass on some knowledge and insight on the life and work of this fascinating man.  I don't really know any of you who are the main participants on this forum, but it seems that you may possibly have a few years on me just in the manner you articulate your ideas.  I often feel I would like to contribute my opinion on some of these threads, but worry my response would appear naïve or unintelligent.  My real concern I think at this point is, as one of Glenn Gould's biggest fans in the under-thirty age group, is if I, as well as the seemingly anonymous crowd of youngsters who also have a passion for Gould, don't make an effort to demand to be mentored by those who have perhaps had ties and first hand experience with him, fifty years from now the musical styling of this 20th century artist could fall out of the radar of even the minority of the public.  My question is, what steps do I take in order to help carry on the legacy of my ever-favorite hero?
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