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Re: [F_minor] Under thirty crowd?

 I don't know if this is any help, but I first came to Gould while serving as an audio engineer for The Rolling Stones on their tours. I was as far from a classical person as you could get. I was 23 at the time. He was the go-to person for Bach at that time. Once he had his hooks in you, you were captivated. He had not only the musicianship but the............! Over the years my amazement has never left. Its been a long time. So I was young when I started and now I am old and still feel the same. There has been a lot of music through these ears in all that time, by many wonderful artists and GG still enthralls. 
I am so glad that there other people who are here to share in his legacy and pass it on. That is why this is such a great list. Maybe we don't get it right all the time, but we try and we enjoy GG. OK. Hope that helps. 



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I started subscribing to this mailing list a few years back because as a young 
Glenn Gould fan with an amateur music background and no real friends who have 
the same passion for Gould or even classical music in general, I wanted to be 
part of a group who could at least in writing pass on some knowledge and insight 
on the life and work of this fascinating man.  I don't really=2
0know any of you 
who are the main participants on this forum, but it seems that you may possibly 
have a few years on me just in the manner you articulate your ideas.  I often 
feel I would like to contribute my opinion on some of these threads, but worry 
my response would appear naÃve or unintelligent.  My real concern I think at 
this point is, as one of Glenn Gould's biggest fans in the under-thirty age 
group, is if I, as well as the seemingly anonymous crowd of youngsters who also 
have a passion for Gould, don't make an effort to demand to be mentored by those 
who have perhaps had ties and first hand experience with him, fifty years from 
now the musical styling of this 20th century artist could fall out of the radar 
of even the minority of the public.  My question is, what steps do I take in 
order to help carry on the legacy of my ever-favorite hero?
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