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[F_minor] Re: F_minor Digest, Vol 31, Issue 8

1) Odd Gould voice on Richter
2) Stegemann Gould Trilogy

1) Thank you to Jim for clearing up this mystery. I wrote to a French music
mag a while back in hopes of clarity, but got no answer. Given Gould's
affinity for imitating foreign accents - I even recall him briefly and
gauchely doing a French one for Bruno Monsaingeon in one film - there's a
certain justice to hearing an obviously English actor attempting the Canadian
(Forgive me the anecdote: the lone Canadian on staff, I work at a university
in Slovenia. One day I found a film crew hard at work in the English
department. The plot: A young woman is driven to suicide by her "Canadian
professor's horrible monotone accent." The buggers didn't even ask me to make
a cameo - this in spite of a minor oversight...not actually having anyone to
play that small part. To make matters worse, they clearly had no idea that the
university had a prof. from Canada!)

2) On the Stegemann Trilogy: it's worth purchasing. The English version is not
merely a catalogue of Gould's quirks - unlike many products out there. As has
been pointed out here, it has an "Idea of North" spirit to it. Moreover, it
doesn't have a feel of translation to it. At one point a young Gould does boom
out his personal statistic in metric, which is a bit hard to swallow. This is
hair-splitting, though. 

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