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Re: [F_minor] strange voice on a Gould youtube clip

The movie is called "Richter - The Enigma" and part 2, in which GG briefly appears can be seen right here:

GG enters the picture at 15:07. I got me doubts if this snippet is from the 70s, I seem to remember seeing it in the GG video edition ages ago, can't remember which one though. Looks more like early - mid 60s CBC to me, something like Music In Our Time.

Please also check the archive, I seem to remember that this movie was a subject about 10 years ago, I for one remember seeing it on a sunday night while having the flu.
Of course I could be wrong but I would bet my money on the 60s.

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That's from Monsaingeon's film on Richter, by the way. A good film that might be out of print now. A quick search on the net didn't give me any hits. Too bad if it is.

But I do have a partial answer to your question. From the Art of Glenn
Gould, edited by John Roberts, pages 51-52. I'll quote it in full because I
think it would be even more confusing than it already is in paraphrase.

"According to Monsaingeon, in 1977 Gould was asked by a Russian filmmaker
to contribute to a film he was making on Richter. At first Gould declined,
but after the intercession on Monsaingeon he agreed to be filmed by a crew
from Ottawa (acting on behalf of the Russians), reading a text of his own
making, and that it is this text that is reproduced here.
Surprisingly there is no record of this event in the GGF in the NLC, where
the script is listed as having been broadcast on May 7, 1978, in the series
From the Masters on CBC radio. However, upon examination, this program was
found to have nothing on Ricther. It is beyond question that Gould used this
text in the Russian film, because Monsaingeon found it in Moscow and
incorporated the segment by Gould into his own monumental film on Richter.
Furthermore, because Gould's English was obscured by a spoken Russian
translation and because the original version of Gould speaking on camera
without a Russian voice-over had been lost, Monsaingeon was obliged to us an
English-speaking actor who lip-synched Gould's words."

None of that, of course, explains why the film is in black-and-white and
looks like it came from an earlier date than 1977/1978 nor why Bruno would
have made such a terrible choice for the voice-over artist.

Puzzling. So, some mysterious solved, others raised.


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