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Re: [F_minor] Michael Stegemann's "Glenn Gould Trilogy"

Gday Mark and list

The main reason why this set has not been discussed on the list is because it is in german....
and I got me doubts if an english version exists, otherwise it would have been meintioned right here.

The closest thing in describing Stegemann's GG Trilogy is what we used to call "radio feature" in the goode olde daze before Audiobooks and Audible.

The set is focussed on the life and times of GG, using techniques similar to GG's own radio docudramas with prominent german actors, original recording snippets, a few outtakes and comments by the man himself. Since it it is quite attention-demanding I reckon you avoid doing the laundry or similar activities, just kick back on the couch and give it a go.

An imaginary GG talks to an imaginary psychiatrist about his childhood, life, recordings, solitude, pills, music etc. A sort fo narrative collage with music, quotes from GG and his writings, factoids and other odds and ends emerges.

I know this sounds a bit diffuse, but have you ever tried to describe "Idea of North" to anyone ? A crossbreed between Sunday Afternoon Play and an Audio Collaga perhaps. How come nobody has tried to do something similar like Stegemann with this set in english ? Hello, CBC, Sony ?

Michael Stegemann published a splendid GG biography for the german-reading market (CH, Austria and Germany) and is also responsible for some of the essays in the GG Edition. His GG Trilogy won the equivalent of an audio book award up in Germany this year.

So if you are able to speak even a bit of german (Jawoll, Herr von Hochmeister !) I reckon you ignore the Amazon reviews and give this set a fair go.

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I didn't belong to this list when Michael Stegemann's "Glenn Gould
Trilogy" was released, so I missed whatever discussion there may have
been about the 3-CD documentary about our favorite pianist.
I see that the one and only Amazon customer review is quite negative.
Anyone care to share their own thoughts about the set?

Mark Lancaster
Baltimore, MD, USA

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