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RE: [F_minor] Idea of north and 'crys of London'.

Don't know. In the very good movie "32 short films of GG", there is a
scene, perhaps derived from a real event, where GG stops in at one of
his favorite all night trucker coffee shops off the highway, just
outside of Toronto, sits down for his regular food and he just listens
intently to all the conversations flowing around him.  The film depicts
his focus as he perceives the voices as a symphony of sounds, with his
fingers already separating voices into layers.  If this is truly the way
he got the idea, then it is a stunning perception on his part.  Most of
us lesser lights spend all of our mental energies filtering out noises
of which a crowded room is full of.  He did the exact opposite and
opened his attention much further.  Now, if all of this is true, it was
the seed idea for the radio documentary he did.  

BTW, there is a slight hint of just this type of blending of voices, now
that I think of it, on a Simon and Garfunkel album, one of their first.
You know that section just immediately before "Old Friends", where you
hear the ragged voices of the old people speaking in the retirement
home....well the voices sometimes for a second or two slip by each other
by almost touching, almost at the same moment.  Have a listen again and
you'll see my point.  Juxtaposing voices is not really a new idea but
the way he used it was far advanced to anything I can recall.


Fred Houpt


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Thanks for the mention of the 'idea of north' and the mixed voices.
I have wondered if GG was influenced by Gibbons "Crys of London" with
its mix voices.  It sounds very GG to me.  The first time I heard the
Gibbons I thought of Gould's Idea of North immediately.  Did he ever
comment on this work?

Peter in Seattle

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