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Re: [F_minor] Beethoven Piano Sonata 13

Frank wrote:


That is an excellent and very clean recording of GG doing the second mvt of B #13


The Sony CD of GG's Beethoven sonatas 12 and 13 is about my favourite CD of his (mine is the Sony Japanese version published in 1983; the recordings are from 1979 and 1981. The CD serial number is 35DC 105. I can't tell you any more because apart from the front cover and the printing on the CD, just about everything else is in Japanese). The billturner.vox recording sounds identical to the CD.

Wagner said of Beethoven's seventh symphony that he thought it was “the apotheosis of the dance”, which I take to mean that Wagner thought it was real toe-tapper. GG's sonatas 12 and 13 have sections that, to me, are more toe-tapping than even the best recordings of the seventh. Strongly recommended (the 12/13 CD, that is).

-- Tim Conway Geraldton, Western Australia

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