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Brilliant observations. One of my mentors, Dr. John Derksen, has said things very similar in to this, and I must say I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I think this type of Victorian repression has effects on everything. For example, when I visited India in 2006, I was shocked to find people openly expressing happiness in the form of singing on the streets. If one were to do such a thing, say in Toronto in a bus shelter, at the very best one would be looked scornfully upon by all in earshot. I think it is time to break free of this pressure put on us by society. 
Singh> Subject: RE: [F_minor]http://archives.radio-canada.ca/arts_culture/musique/dossiers/309/> Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 12:52:33 -0400> From: fred.houpt@rbc.com> To: bpl@umich.edu> CC: f_minor@email.rutgers.edu> > Beautiful. Mind you, how Bach could alter the dynamics in a harpsichord> is, well, almost not possible. Maybe there was a primitive damper pedal> thing going on? But yes, I am glad that this line of thought has come> here. In giving acknowledgement to the artist we learn to expand our> own narrow palette of recognizable human behavior to include the> "artistic high" for lack of a better way of saying it. I am big fan of> Jack Kerouac and much of his writing refers to the wild jazz scenes of> be-bop and the like. Well, to read his impressions is to envision not> just the artists but the room full of revelers and jazz lovers all> getting higher than on drugs, just on the zapping hot vibes. > > We "modern" folk, I think, are just way too cut off from our more basic> ancestral roots. No matter where you come from, go back a few hundred> years (if necessary) and you will see in the traditional folk musical> idioms a more relaxed and primal relationship of both the listeners and> the artists. After having come through the compressing energies of the> Victorian Age with all its artificial notions of prim and proper, much> of the legacy it has left in its wake is the type of disengaged manner> in which we enjoy "joy". We are, in a word, repressed. > > We look at the uncorked types like GG, like Oscar Peterson, like the> wild jazz fans and we snicker, say that they are just getting carried> away and say to ourselves, oh, how uncouth, how uncivilized. That is> the way my parents reacted to me being blown away by the Beatles when> they burst on the scene. And finishing up on my riff for now is this:> I saw the Beatles here in Toronto when they came by the first time at> Maple Leaf Gardens. I was way up in nose-bleed sections nearer to the> roof. The place was totally crammed. When they were announced to come> on s
ulbs from Kodak> Brownie Instamatic cameras went off and off and off. A sudden wall of> tens of thousands of people all shrieking in unison. People were> jumping up and down. Girls were passing out in the aisles, being> carried away unconscious. This all took place within the first 5> minutes.> > This was my first experience of group consciousness (see: "The Crowd" by> Gustave le Bon) http://www.amazon.com/Crowd-Gustave-Bon/dp/0486419568> > This was my first experience with mass pandemonium (a word coined by> John Milton). We all left utterly transformed and of course when my> parents saw on the news of what happened they were very worried of the> effect this type of "art" had on their children. The world has not been> quite the same since then. Or, we might argue, as GG might, that all we> did was re-connect to what we all lost before Queen Victoria mightily> said "We are not amused".> > Cheers,> > Fred Beatlmaniac Houpt> > > > -----Original Message-----> From: Brad Lehman [mailto:bpl@umich.edu] > Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 12:23 PM> To: Houpt, Fred> Cc: f_minor@email.rutgers.edu> Subject: Re:> [F_minor]http://archives.radio-canada.ca/arts_culture/musique/dossiers/3> 09/> > Houpt, Fred wrote:> > I think so called experts make much too much of how artists sway and > > move and bop at their instrument. Did these same experts decide that > > Oscar Peterson must have had a problem with his mind because he hummed> > > like a buzz saw, all throughout his career? Who cares if they do> that?> > Listen to how he rips up the keys and gives you goosebumps. That's > > what is important. Who cares if they drool, have their eyes roll up > > into their skulls. They just might be caught in an updraft of > > creative power?> > This is reminiscent of Dr Burney's report of hearing CPE Bach play in> 1772.> > "M. Bach was so obliging as to sit down to his Silbermann clavichord and> favourite instrument, upon which he played three or four of his choicest> and most difficult compositions... In the pathetic and slow movements,> whe
ontrived to> produce, from his instrument, a cry of sorrow and complaint, such as can> only be effected on the clavichord, and perhaps by himself."> > "After dinner... I prevailed upon him to sit down again to a clavichord,> and he played, with little intermission, till near eleven o'clock at> night. During this time, he grew so animated and possessed, that he not> only played, but looked like one inspired. His eyes were fixed, his> under lip fell, and drops of effervescence distilled from his> countenance. He said, if he were to be set to work frequently, in this> manner, he should grow young again."> > > Brad Lehman> _______________________________________________________________________> > This e-mail may be privileged and/or confidential, and the sender does not waive any related rights and obligations.> Any distribution, use or copying of this e-mail or the information it contains by other than an intended recipient is unauthorized.> If you received this e-mail in error, please advise me (by return e-mail or otherwise) immediately. > > Ce courrier électronique est confidentiel et protégé. L'expéditeur ne renonce pas aux droits et obligations qui s'y rapportent.> Toute diffusion, utilisation ou copie de ce message ou des renseignements qu'il contient par une personne autre que le (les) destinataire(s) désigné(s) est interdite.> Si vous recevez ce courrier électronique par erreur, veuillez m'en aviser immédiatement, par retour de courrier électronique ou par un autre moyen.> > _______________________________________________> F_minor mailing list> F_minor@email.rutgers.edu> https://email.rutgers.edu/mailman/listinfo/f_minor
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