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Re: [F_minor]http://archives.radio-canada.ca/arts_culture/musique/dossiers/309/

Yes, well played. It really gets him sweating, too: how hot was it in there with the lights and that coat? I think it's kind of funny how GG swings around so much...and the cameraman tries to keep him in the shot....

I put on GG's later recording of this piece after watching the television version. It's much slower, taking two minutes longer. What a difference! I like the drive of that televised performance better.

It's not really "late" Beethoven; B was only 31 when it was published. Same year as the so-called "Moonlight" and a bunch of other sonatas.

Brad Lehman

Houpt, Fred wrote:
The first sample on this page "homme au piano" has Glen playing a late
Beethoven sonata. It is simply spine-tingling. Listen for the power of
the fast sections, contrasted with the most loving and delicate aria
notes of the solo (voice), sung (played) with such pathos. It is a
movement to die for and I've never heard it more super charged and
In a word "wow"
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