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[F_minor] Gould in literature

Hello, all,
Many thanks for the raft of allusions to Gould.
Here's a strange NON-allusion to Gould: in Canadian Nancy Huston's "The
Goldberg Variations," she makes no reference to Gould - at least none that I
recall. This is surprising, since sometimes Canadian authors seem to think
that a Gould reference is simply required. I always feel that the author is
bluffing when I come across vague references to "Glenn Gould playing the
piano" (what piece? if it's worth mentioning, isn't it worth being precise?),
more specific references to Gould's Chopin (I admit to enjoying much of his
version of the 3rd sonata, but I assume I'm in a minority of almost none!), or
the unfortunate "Glen (sic) Gould" throughout one novel...
To round off my ramblings with Nancy Huston, her Nord perdu - which might not
be translated yet - has interesting things to say about the piano versus the
harpsicord: she says she switched to the latter after moving to France. (Come
to think of it, she uses a quotation from S. Richter to open the book).
Best regards,

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