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Re: [F_MINOR] OT: Speaking of Facade...

 Good morning, all!

Jorgen wrote (inreply to Anne's query about GG's extract from "Facade"):-
> "Facade" is a great work, with many more arresting movements than the
> one Gould took part in.
> The author to the very interesting poems is Edith Sitwell.
> The "Gould movement" is called "Scotch Rhapsody" (hence his dialect).

Thank you .....but please: What is it he actually _SAYS_?  I have watched this extract quite a few 
times, and I have never managed to make out the words - so impenetrable is his accent!

You know, I love to see him having fun with his various accents, but most of them are hopelessly 
unconvincing, really (sorry, Glenn). As an actor he would have been a terrible ham. Re his acting 
talents, I have on my computer a copy of a poster advertising a lecture he gave at the University 
of Cincinnati on "monday  april 22" (it doesnt give the year, but shows a photo of a young GG maybe 
in his  twenties - I am afraid I cannot remember which website I found this on) The text includes 
the following:
"Mr Gould is as gifted a musical thinker as he is a pianist. Many of his friends think he could 
actually give up the piano and become a distinguished actor, but the idea of becoming a commentator 
or lecturer appeals to him most. Acting talent plus musical intelligence seems a natural requisite 
for a speaker and his friends .... say we can expect a most exciting evening"
I do not know who these (somewhat misguided!!) friends were, but I hope at least their expectations 
of great excitement were fulfilled... His subject on that occasion was ?COntemporary Music, 
focussing on Arnold Schoenber

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