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[F_MINOR] Gould's recording of Beethoven Op 22

According to Nancy Canning's comprehensive "Glenn Gould Catalog," he
recorded the 2nd and 4th movements of Beethovens's sonata Op 22 (no 11 in B
flat major) on July 13, 1979 and Feb 11, 1980 in Toronto. Neither were ever
released, at least not at the time of the Canning publication in 1992.

I checked the Sony Classical website, as they would be the most likely to
have issued it as a new release (having done the extensive "Glenn Gould
Edition" of CDs in the early 90s) but there doesn't appear to be any
existing recording available. Not surprising when you consider the
incompleteness of the project.

As far as recording sonata movements (or any other movements) out of
sequence ... to the best of my knowledge, he did not typically do this,
although he did often record things years before they were released. Some of
that was the decision of Columbia Masterworks. I would say that this
recording of 2 movements from op 22 certainly represents a departure from
his usual way of working. I believe he did talk and write about completing a
full recording of Beethoven's sonatas and perhaps this was just some work
toward that end. Yet another project terminated by his tragic, untimely

Barbara Stagno

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