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Re: [F_MINOR] F_MINOR Digest - 27 Dec 2004 to 4 Jan 2005 (#2005-1)

Title: RE: [F_MINOR] F_MINOR Digest - 27 Dec 2004 to 4 Jan 2005 (#2005-1)

I have seen the term used from time to time in articles or even liner notes on a CD. I believe I have seen it used in one of the liner notes on one of the GG albums. Don't ask me which one. I have used the term frequently in discussions over the years. I know for a fact that I used the term in papers I wrote for my music classes in school.

I never made the association with bodily functions. Interesting association.....



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In all my years as a music student - mind you, I graduated in 1990 so am
a bit behind the times and the memory is a little foggy - the term
'inner' movement was never used as an official textbook reference to
divisions of music... Casually? Yes, I suppose so... E.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd
and 4th movements yes... but inner movements?  The term sounds silly to
me - referencing to bodily functions more than musical strata lol...

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