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Re: [F_MINOR] Beethoven Piano Sonatas

Title: RE: [F_MINOR] Beethoven Piano Sonatas

Glenn Gould did record the Hammerklavier, but it has been released by Sony on another disc coupled with the B major sonata Op.78. GG never did record the Waldstein Op 53 as he didn't like this work at all. Still GG had a knack for making interesting music out of pieces he didn't like. Despite what is in my opinion, essentially a re-composition, I like his recording of the appassionata Op 57. I read somewhere, that he recorded the inner movements of the B-flat major sonata Op 22 and that these were in a vault somewhere. I have not been able to determine if these were ever released commercially.

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Subject: [F_MINOR] Beethoven Piano Sonatas

I've recently acquired Glenn's Beethoven Piano Sonatas vols. I and II by
Sony but didn't find Waldstein and Hammerklavier among them. Can anybody
please be so kind to tell me whether Glenn has ever recorded these sonatas
or not?
Thanks in advance.

José de Anchieta

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