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Re: [F_MINOR] Drugging in the classical music world

I dunno about classical music, but if you took the marijuana out of jazz, I
think only Mel Torme would be left, and I'm not even sure about Mel.

And rock -- where would rock be without drugs and sex (and sometimes
large-caliber firearms)? Unrecognizeable.


> [Original Message]
> From: Brad Lehman <bpl@UMICH.EDU>
> Date: 10/19/2004 12:03:05 PM
> Subject: Re: [F_MINOR] Drugging in the classical music world
> I believe that the natural method is sufficient for me, and that is to eat
> a banana before going onstage.  There are allegations that bananas have
> some natural beta-blockers; and whether it's true or not (I personally
> don't know, one way or the other), whether it's placebo or not, it works
> for me and has done for years.  Plus, it's tasty and nutritious, "nature's
> perfect food", and it's relaxing to sit down for a few moments to eat
> it.  A good crisp banana on its prime day of ripeness.
> Brad Lehman
> At 11:49 AM 10/19/2004 -0400, Mary Jo Watts wrote:
> >Did I just hear GG from the grave urging "Dispense betablockers
> >forthwith!" -MJ
> >
> >
> >RUTH ANN McCLAIN, a flutist from Memphis, used to suffer from
> >debilitating onstage jitters. (...) Ms. McClain is hardly the only
> >musician to rely on beta blockers, which,
> >taken in small dosages, can quell anxiety without apparent side effects.

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