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Re: [F_MINOR] OT: Question about Recording Contracts

From: lstanwyk <lstanwyk@RYERSON.CA>
> Hi Anne:
>         Are you looking for factual input?  Certainly this young
> could get a good lawyer and break his contract based on a viable medical
> condition.  I'm all too familiar with the anxieties associated with
> performing - that's why I quit musicial life in my mid-20s.  Life as a
> musician on the road is not for the feint of heart :P

That's a good point. However, in this case, the musician probably would
have been happy just to pay them off. (Luckily, he had money. I like giving
my characters plenty of money but making their lives miserable. <g>)

The real reason he had the anxiety and wanted to stop performing was
because of the guilty he felt after killing a blackmailer. It was pretty
much in self-defense, but for various reasons (because he went, uhm,
overboard), he had to get rid of the body and conceal the murder. So he
would have preferred to get out of the contract than go to a doctor, for
fear that the doctor might somehow figure out what was wrong.

NOTE: It should be stated right here that this musician is not based on any
actual performers! :)

P.S. Yes, I know I am cruel to my characters. ;-)

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