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I am assuming that M Wicks has enjoyed the new GG Goldberg Variations by now, perhaps playing it several times over.  It is good to have both the 81 version and the 55 version for comparison.  I heard the 81 on video first and enjoyed watching GG play as well as loving the way he played the Goldberg Variations.  When I played the 55 version it just seemed so much more alive to me and of course there are obvious reasons for that considering GG age and condition when he recorded the 81 version.  Still I wouldn't part with either.
Another recording of GG that I love to listen to and it doesn't really require as much skill probably as most of what he has recorded but I like the Bach Two and Three Part Inventions, Glenn Gould Edition.  As a student M Wicks might enjoy them also.
The marriage problem is a problem here also.  It is difficult to wait sometimes until ones mate is out of the house or at least out of the room to enjoy listening to GG recordings but maybe that makes listening to them that much more precious.
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