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Re: Gould hasn't recorded the BWV903 Chromatic Fugue

Gould hasn't recorded the BWV903 Chromatic Fugue, only the Fantasia. It's
a pity
and strange as well.

Not strange; he hated the piece.

He didn't really record the fantasia, either, only whacked through it for a
television program.  In the program he plays half of the fantasy, then
turns to Bruno Monsaingeon and explains why he doesn't like it.  He claims
that this is his "first and last" performance of it.  He illustrates a few
passages, talking while playing, and compares the piece to bad music for
horror movies.  Then he plays the rest of the fantasy from the point where
he quit.  Then he turns to Bruno and says, "That's Bach for people who
don't like Bach."

I put that video on this morning while making breakfast.  My wife walked in
and said, "Wow, he looks awful!  How old was he there?"


"He looks older than that. When did he die?"

"Just a couple years later."

"Look at him!  He's SO tight, and his shoulders are completely tense!  I
don't see how he can play like that."

"I know."

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