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Re: Gould hasn't recorded the BWV903 Chromatic Fugue

> He didn't really record the fantasia, either, only whacked through it for a
> television program.  In the program he plays half of the fantasy, then
> turns to Bruno Monsaingeon and explains why he doesn't like it.  He claims
> that this is his "first and last" performance of it.

Didn't record? It's in the same CD you mentioned in your reply. At least should
be according
(I've heard it - he's even humming a bit in the recording and I always thought
was the indication he was moved by the piece).

Anyway, he certainly did not record the 903 fugue. What recording could you
recommend then? I could probably get Schnabel and Arrau.

I'm making a CD (for personal use) that would include ALL Bach's solo keyboard
pieces (in MP3 format) and of course need the Fugue.

Juozas Rimas Jr
http://mp3.com/JuozasRimas - Baroque and more...