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RE: Two Random Questions About Glenn Gould

Hah!  Finally, a question about Glenn Gould that I can answer, as I am a
wills & trusts attorney as an alter ego to my Glenn Gould nut identity.

All of Mr. Gould's intellectual property rights, be it copyrights in
recordings, compositions, or arrangements; name and/or likeness rights;
implied endorsement rights; etc.; are a part of his estate and pass with
the rest of his property, such as money, homes, cars, etc.  So whoever
receives those intellectual property rights (here, the Salvation Army
and Humane Whatever) receives the income on that property (royalties,
etc.) from then on.  In the U.S., pre-1976 copyrights last for some
specific period of years (I think 76, with required renewal at the
halfway point), whereas post-76 copyrights last for the author's
(Glenn's) life plus 50 years -- extended to 70 last week at the request
of Disney.  Not sure about Canada, but most non-U.S. countries followed
the life-plus-50 rule even before 1976.  So the income stream to Mr.
Gould's estate should last a while.  As demonstrated by the Monroe and
Presley estates, you can milk this income stream for some additional
years by asserting name & likeness and implied endorsment rights.

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	1.  Given that Gould's estate (will) was divided between The
Salvation Army
	and the SPCA (or Humaine Society, can't recall),  does that mean
	sales/royalties of all his records/cds continue to go to these
	organizations even now? Or did that just pertain only to the
assets he had
	accumulated up to the time of his death?  Curios.

	2. How tall was Glenn Gould?